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Website backup

Restores a website if it crashes, has been damaged or data has been lost. This is an important tool to ensure the reliability and security of the website.

  • NEnsures that your website data is safe. It is used to restore a website after crashes or technical problems, such as if the website does not open due to software or server problems.
  • NIf your site suffers a malicious hack, the backup quickly restores the site to a previous, harmless state so you can resume serving your customers.
  • NCan be used for testing new website functions or experimenting with design solutions without fear of losing your existing data.
  • NIf you want to move your website to another server or hosting service, a backup can be used to move all your website data to the new location.

System and plug-in updates

Ensures system security, reliability and performance, providing new functionalities and improvements to your website.

  • NEliminates detectable security gaps and vulnerabilities that reduce the likelihood of malware or hackers.
  • NConstantly updated systems are more stable and less prone to errors. This increases website performance and reliability.
  • NUpdates may add new features and improvements: new functionality, graphical improvements, a better user interface with the website and other useful features for your page.
  • NHelps ensure your system works seamlessly with other applications and devices.
  • NUpdates can increase the lifetime of the system, as consistent updates keep the system up-to-date and innovative.
  • NIf there are problems with the system, the weekly updates are a quick way to solve the problems.

Clearing unnecessary data

Helps keep your site efficient, secure and organized.

  • NRemoving unnecessary data such as old posts, plugins or users can improve website performance. This helps improve user experience and SEO results.
  • NManaging user accounts and removing inactive users helps protect against potential security vulnerabilities and prevents unwanted access to the site.
  • NOptimizing the media library and database or removing unnecessary files saves server storage and reduces hosting costs. It also improves performance and reduces server load.
  • NWith less unnecessary data and plugins, your website becomes easier to manage.

iThemes security PRO plugin

iThemes Security Pro makes it easy to secure & protect your WordPress website.

  • NWorks to secure and protect the most attacked part of your website, the WordPress login, by blocking these automated attacks.
  • NTakes the guesswork out of WordPress security. Stand prepared & secured against inevitable attacks.
  • NTakes concrete actions to prevent a hack or security breach with actionable steps by giving your site users additional tools to help keep their accounts and your site safe.
  • NPuts early detection in your hands so you can effectively and quickly recover from a breach.
  • NAlerts you to vulnerable software installed on your site.
  • NProtects your site from bad bots.
  • NAutomatically locks out users, bans user agents and IP addresses, applies version updates, and more, all on your behalf.

CDN configuration

Allows to supercharge your content delivery via a global distribution network with unparalleled speed, security, and stability.

  • NAllows to maximize your growth and expansion without care with a 80 Tbps+ network.
  • NSupercharges your web delivery speed worldwide.
  • NGives of real-time analytics to deliver your users to the most optimal locations.
  • NOptimizes delivery and reduces latency with top of the line AMD and NVMe hardware.
  • NProtects and helps to stay focused with a built-in next-generation DDoS protection.
  • pDDoS attack - a cybercrime in which the attacker floods a server with internet traffic to prevent users from accessing connected online services and sites.
  • NWith SafeHop allows to easily configure timeouts, delays, and request retries to your origin to work around any potential network issues.

CDN + website optimizations

Improves your website performance and user experience. Reduces load times and increase conversion rates in just a few clicks.

  • NAllows automatically compress and minify your CSS and JavaScript files to maximize website load speeds.
  • NHelps automatically adjust, resize and compress images based on the user’s device type in the most optimal way possible attacks.
  • NReduces your image sizes up to 80% by compressing them into a web-friendly and faster WebP format.
  • NTakes care of fast load times, optimized images, and minifies CSS & JS are just as necessary for the best possible SEO ranking.

Fast 100% NVMe website hosting

A hosting service where website files are stored and accessed via a high-quality Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drive. This service is characterized by extremely fast and efficient data recording and reading.

  • NNVMe drives are significantly faster than traditional drives, allowing website pages and data files to load and download almost instantly.
  • NNVMe drives are less vulnerable due to the absence of mechanical moving parts, reducing the risk of data loss.
  • NFeatures an extremely fast response time, following this the website responds to user requests faster.
  • NWebsites that load quickly have SEO benefits and achieve better search rankings.
  • NBacks up and transfers large files quickly.
  • NEspecially important if the site experiences high traffic.